New Integrated Access Control Solution

VIVOTEK Partners with Chiyu Technology for the New Integrated Access Control and IP Surveillance Solution

Access Control and IP Surveillance Solution

VIVOTEK, the global-leading IP surveillance solution provider, has in recent years been committed to offering comprehensive solutions through multiple strategic alliances. Partnering with Chiyu Technology, one of the most experienced leading access control system provider in Taiwan, VIVOTEK rolls out the latest integrated access control and IP surveillance solution, a one-stop shopping, seamless integration, and easily managed solution to meet the market’s demand.

Traditional access control system requires time, budget, and third-party partners to adopt and integrate the intelligent IP surveillance technology with it. This new integrated solution, however, can be adopted in various fields at once and establishes a considerably higher level of security. With facial recognition and video tagging, the new solution can accurately verify who is entering a specified area and then subsequently track where visitors go once they have entered.VIVOTEK also provides a wide selection of versatile network cameras to deliver high-quality imagery in diverse and changing environmental conditions. More importantly, security staff can easily manage both IP surveillance and access control systems through VIVOTEK’s VAST 2, a user-friendly, intuitive video management software. All of these advanced features combine to provide an enhanced user experience while simplifying procedures of device setting and management.

“The integration of IP surveillance and access control has become a growing trend for Smart Security Systems. I believe this cooperation with IP surveillance pioneer VIVOTEK will build a mutually beneficial partnership, making us more competitive in the global industry,” said Eric Chang, General Manager of Chiyu Technology. From network cameras, and access control systems to backend software, VIVOTEK provides one-stop shopping solutions to create a new standard of customer service. “It is our pleasure to team up with Chiyu Technology. With their profound expertise in the industry, we can reinforce our solutions’ capability and realize the potentials of our products. We will be relentlessly devoted to offering more comprehensive and compatible IP surveillance solutions to unlock new possibilities for different applications and vertical markets, “said Willian Ku, Executive Vice President of VIVOTEK Brand Business Group.”