Introducing the newly revamped VIVOTEK 67 Series Network Cameras.


The revamped 67-Series network cameras feature built-in cybersecurity capabilities and AI-powered video analytics, including Their Smart VCA and Smart Motion Detection technology, making them ideal for diverse surveillance scenarios


VIVOTEK’s Smart Motion Detection enables instant recognition of people activities, effectively reduces false alarms, and avoids the time wasted for security staff to verify triggered but false events. On the initial setup, Smart Motion Detection reduces the amount of time required for installation and the chance of making configuration errors, while minimizing the number of false alarms. Smart Motion Detection readily applies to most surveillance scenes without the need for tedious configuration tasks and adjustment efforts on the site.


VIVOTEK Smart VCA is the next-generation video analytics suite running on VIVOTEK cameras for security applications. The on-board Smart VCA suite includes Intrusion Detection, Loitering Detection, Missing Object Detection, Unattended Object Detection, Line Crossing Detection, and Face Detection.